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my name is Chris, I come from Germany and I love to travel with the Tesla.

After some time with the Tesla I had the idea to develop suitable bags for the front trunk – the Frunk. I had seen some Teslas, whose frunks were filled with different items, which either flew around randomly or were stowed in other bags or pouches. (And that didnt really look all too good.) In any case, I set myself the goal that at least for me I wanted to make suitable bags for the front trunk, so that I could make good use of the storage space. 

The idea: take the appropriate bags, pack them as full as possible and be sure they fit perfectly into the frunk.

I started measuring the frunk, ordering fabrics and imitation leather and made my first experiences with a sewing machine. As in any craft, it was a great feeling making your own experiences and progress and in the end produced something solid. Thanks to the help of my sister, I was able to quickly get the hang of the sewing machine and the things that had to be considered. And I tell you, it’s almost rocket science! But that didn’t stop us from starting from scratch again many times before a prototype was actually considered done. Sometimes it was nerve-wracking when the measurements didn’t fit together as we had imagined in previous design sketches and we had to readjust our calculations – again. But in the end we still had a lot of fun and we slowly but surely made progress.

What i was directly sure of was the proportioning of the Frunks  – the lower area of the frunk should be filled with a seperate, small bag and the remaining space on top was going to get filled by another, bigger bag.

After finishing the first prototypes, I thought about the design. My goal was to create a simple, high-quality design with few highlights. White lines were supposed to give the black bag that extra something. After several sketches and cuts, we set out to turn the new design into reality. After we were already used to taking those moments of despair humorously, especially when something didn’t fit as well as we had hoped, the new design went on little by little. We then developed and produced a finished set of bags – the frunkles.

While I also used these prototypes myself for longer journeys and spontaneous short trips, I started looking for professional tailoring, as I wanted to be able to offer the frunkles in high quality to other Tesla drivers. In a small, german, family-owned company I finally found what I was looking for. With them I furthermore developed the design and brought it to production maturity. You can see the results here on this page. 

We first developed the “Performance” collection for the Model S, which is made of genuine, high-quality cowhide. 

Then we developed the bags for the Frunk in Model 3 and Model X.

They are similar in shape and cut to the smaller bag for the Model S-Frunk.

Besides the real leather collection (Performance), we also offer a collection that does not use animal products – the Black & White collection. As the name suggests, the bag is completely black and the design elements and lining are white. Similar to how my first prototypes were designed.


The bags, which I now developed, are not all-rounders with 25 storage compartments and shoulder straps. They won’t accompany you on possible hiking tours and are not the multi-functional kind of bags you would need in the great outdoors.

I developed bags that fit perfectly into your frunk, offer plenty of space for your clothes, look good and are therefore the perfect eye-catchers outside your Tesla.

Take care and have a good trip with your new bags,


Tesla bag

© Christian Ernst

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