Black & White

All you need

Tesla Model 3 bag

Tailor-made travel bag for the frunk in your

Tesla Model 3

Travel in Style

tesla model 3 bag

for your Model 3 (2017-2020)

THE bag for your Tesla Model 3 – fills your frunk perfectly. 

It doesn’t only let you load or unload the frunk in just one move but also lets you travel in style.

Even outside your Tesla.

tesla model 3 bag

Performance Zippers

Robustness and longevity are natural due to metal zippers.

tesla model 3 bag

White inner lining

Velvety inner lining with an inner pocket

tesla model 3 bag


The high-quality embroidery is the eye catcher of your black&white collection

Tesla Model 3 bag

Made for all who won’t stop at borders and want to travel the world, the black & white bags by frunkles are the exact thing you and your Tesla need.

The clear design, precision fit, robuste textil fabric, robust zippers and best german handcrafting skills all lead to the best casual Tesla bags for your Travels in Style.

Storage volume: 45 liters

tesla model 3 bag frunk

Model 3 – Pre Facelift

tesla model 3 bag

Black & White Collection


sturdy textile fabric


Christian Ernst


handmade in Germany

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